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short delivery time and flexibility

Blowpack offers its customers a wide range of services which represent one of the most important strong points of the company. In a panorama in which supplies are getting more complex, the firm distinguishes itself in the market because of its flexibility and its very rapid delivery times. Our integrated offer of canisters and bottles allows our client to relate to a single point of contact, establishing a relationship based on trust and transparency. Thanks to the experience of a team of people from the past thirty years in the blow molding of plastics, we can offer a global support on any type of container, from the feasibility analysis of a new product to its decoration, always guaranteeing up-to-date skills.


The mould is the key to get the best performance and quality. Our copmany collaborate with the best mould maker in Europe in order to be updated to the state of art and technology. From the latest news, the anti-glug system for UN approved jerrycan and the double neck to make the canisters venting when a tap is used. personalization is part of our every day life and we love to get new stimulant projects and show to the customers what we can do.


Delivery is the strenght of Blowpack and we care to bring the products in the right place at the right time. Thanks to our wide warehouse, the company is able to stock a huge quantity of products ready to delivery and share with our cusomers detailed delivery plans. In addition, we can also organize groupage delivery thanks to the flexibility of our organizations and our transport system.


Customer don’t have to think about anything, we care about it: our products can be personalized with special colours, labels, sleeves, moulded marks. We want the customer be happy and the packaging is recognizable. For this reason we are open to new ideas in order to reach something unic.


We work next to the customer in the engineering process and feasibility analysis of new products thanks to our experienced team in blowmoulding since 30 years: in the blow moulding industry, the experience is very important to supply a reliable product.


We blow the best materials of high density polyethilene (HDPE) and we collaborate with our suppliers to improve our products. From 2018 the company join the project SECOND LIFE PLASTIC, that allow to the customer to have a certified sustainable packaging, made with 100 % PCR high quality plastic.


Every day, we monitor the quality of our products and we want to improve with continuity for the future.
Our products are UN approved and they are subjected to testing that guarantee the constance of material distribution, weight and reliability.