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UN approved, High Molecular Weight HDPE

Our canisters are made by HMW HDPE, a very performant material that make the product very rigid, a very important requirement needed to satisfy all the hard test for the UN approving. Our raw material are suitable for food contact and pharma.

Our jerrycans are supplied with screw caps with tamper evident and ring seal, the best assurance with every kind of liquids. Caps are also available in different colours, sizes and venting optional. Our stackable canisters are engineered to gain a perfect stackability and the optimizazion of the pallet space, thanks to the shape of the top and the bottom.
Blowpack is very close to customers’ need and it is specialized on new project managing:

  • Special colours
  • View stripe to see the content level
  • Moulded marks and labels
  • Dedicated customized moulds


the sustainable use of PCR plastics

Our sustainability vision
Blowpack gained PSV trademark in order to reduce waste and gives values to the urban plastic collection. This is one of some fundamental steps to protect the environment and the company sustainability.
Moreover, Second Life Plastic is an environmental certification system of the product, dedicated to materials and product made by post consumer recycled plastic. It’s the first mark in Europe dedicated to PCR plastic, that introduce the concept of quality and tracking in recycled plastics. The certification is referencing to the percentage of PCR plastics in the law DM 203/2003 and UNI EN ISO 14021. The trademark also gives a standard and recognizable mark to customers in order to guide the buyer in responsible purchasing.