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Project Description

Caps and Accessories

For every application

Caps are very important because they guarantee the sealing of our containers. All our caps are made with ring-seal that is the best solution for preventing leakage from the neck. Caps are also made with tamper evident, a very important device to guarantee that the packaging has not be opened. Venting caps valves are made with a patented technology called MPV3, a bi-directional venting from the screw of the cap. We also trade many accessories like taps, funnel, triggers and so on.

  • DIN 42 Guarnizione PE – Termo-induzione – Tittarella

  • DIN 50 Guarnizione PE – Termo-induzione

  • DIN 51 Guarnizione PE ad anello – sfiato D15 e D17

  • DIN 60 Guarnizione PE – sfiato D17

  • DIN 80 Tittarella

  • Tappo con rubinetto

  • Versatori

  • Sotto tappo

  • Misurino

  • Filtro

  • Riduttore


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