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Project Description

IBC 1000 L

Wooden or plastic pallet

They are safe and engineered for dangerous goods transport and stock. The metallic cage gives to IBC a special robustness for long time.
The tap ¾” and funnel orientable are included and allow a very smart usage in every industry. IBC are UN approved and also suitable for food contact. The filling of the IBC is made from the large 2” neck on the top and the decanting from the bottom by the tap. The IBC are supplied new, plastic or wooden pallet included, steel cage and screwable funnel.

  • Capacità 1000 l
  • Peso 65,2 kg

  • Dimensioni (L-P-H) 1000x1200x1174h

  • Coperchio 150 mm (anche a sfiato)

  • Valvola DN50

  • Colori standard Neutro

  • Materiale HDPE con pallet in legno


Project Details