Our products

We are Italy's leading manufacturer of plastic jerry cans and bottles.

High quality of materials and over 40 years of study

Reliability is the basis of our containers

HDPE canisters

Our ADR-approved canisters are made of high molecular weight polyethylene.

HDPE Bottles

Our range of plastic bottles and flasks consists of numerous lines that can cater to different industries.

Vases and jars

Made of HDPE, PET, PP and PS: they are particularly suitable for those in the cosmetics and food industries.

IBC Cisterns

1000-Liter HDPE IBCs. Safe and reliable for transporting hazardous products and stock in indoor and outdoor warehouses.


For safe storage and very convenient pouring thanks to the two nozzles that allow anti-glug venting.

Caps and accessories

Different sizes and types, many colors available and with venting options.


An innovative system that allows safe and fast decanting.


The only canister in Italy that conforms to the European standard, with a patented integrated decanter that ensures safe and effective decanting.