Rp Series

The product

The RP series, in 20- and 25-liter versions, is dedicated to those customers who require a very large container mouth. The DIN80 nozzle avoids the glug-glug phenomenon and facilitates filling and pouring operations. Its weight provides ample guarantee in terms of stacking reliability.

Palletizing: Ad hoc dimensions for perfect palletization on both 1000×1200 and 800×1200 pallets. The pallet is packed with polyethylene shrink caps that give stability during transport and storage. Upon request, we can supply the canisters packed in reams to allow perfect product storage even after the pallet is opened.

In detail.

Material: high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE), suitable for food contact.

Cap: Self-sealing with polyethylene foam gasket to ensure sealing with all kinds of liquids. Possibility to have the cap with vent valve.

Tipologia Capacità Pezzi/Pallet Peso Dimensioni (P-L-H) Tappo standard
20 Litri
900 g
245 x 294 x 414 mm
DIN 80
Tipologia Capacità Pezzi/Pallet Peso Dimensioni (P-L-H) Tappo standard
25 Litri
1200 g
245 x 294 x 484 mm
DIN 80