Ibc 1000 Liters

The product

1000-Liter HDPE IBCs.
Safe and reliable for the transport of hazardous products and stock in indoor and outdoor warehouses, these tanks are equipped with a very strong metal cage integral to the pallet that ensures stability.

The handy 3/4″ spigot and swivel spout included in the delivery allow them to be used very conveniently in any kind of industry and with any kind of liquid.
In fact, the 1000-liter IBCs are approved according to ADR regulations and are suitable for food contact, so they are also perfect for food-type products. The tank is filled through the 2″ diameter plastic screw lid, and emptied through the tap at the bottom.

In detail

IBCs are supplied new,including wooden or plastic pallet, metal cage and tap with screw-on pourer.

Tipologia Capacità Peso Dimensioni (L-P-H) Coperchio Valvola Colori Standard Materiale
1000 l
65,2 kg
150 mm (anche a sfiato)
HDPE con pallet in legno