Caps and Accessories

The product

Our caps are items of a fundamental importance, as they are the element that guarantees the perfect seal of the product. All of our caps are equipped with a ring seal, which, at present, is the best solution for achieving the best possible security and avoiding potential product leakage. The caps are equipped with tamper-evident anti-tamper and counterfeit seal.

In detail

Vent caps feature a patented technology characterized by a membrane that prevents product from escaping but at the same time often venting through the thread of the cap.
We sell numerous accessories such as funnels, decanters, undercaps, plastic taps, pumpettes, dispensers, dispensers and more

DIN 42 DIN 50 DIN 51 DIN 60 DIN 80
Guarnizione in PE - Termoinduzione - Tittarella
Guarnizione in PE - Termoinduzione
Guarnizione ad anello in PE - sfiato D15 e D17
Guarnizione in PE - sfiato D17
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