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the importance of our know-how

Blowpack is a family company leader in plastic jerrycans and bottles production. In blowmoulding, the experience and know how are key values to be competitive and to produce quality containers.
The quality of our packagings also depend on the continuous improvement on machineries and moulds, that necessary need to be aligned to the state of art.


from after-war till today

The encounter between the Zini family and the plastics industry took place in the early post-war period, when Raffaele Zini, toghether with his brothers created a firm in order to create a series of plastic objects that were once of other materials. Metal containers (such as buckets, basins, dustbins, canisters), wooden crates (for fruit picking, for bottles of mineral water) and lots of objects for common use were converted in plastic because of the huge advantages inherent in this new material. Since the early sixties the business started developing in the “consumer packaging” and “industrial packaging”, counting among its customers the most important firms. In 1979, Paolo Zini, fresh from one’s studies, entered the board of directors and brought the family’s firm to its maximum development. He left in 2000 to start the following year Blowpack, of which he has 100% of the capital. In 2015 Blowpack inserted in the new covered establishment of 7000 m2 , built in accordance with the most stringent antiseismic regulations and of energy saving. It sealed the entrance of the firm’s third generation: Paola ( an economics and marketing graduate) in 2010, and Andrea (an engineering graduate)


a protagonist in the industrial packaging

Blowpack is one of the most important industries in Italy for industrial packaging in polyethylene, with a great selection of products that can satisfy every type of sector. Our containers are made with the best polyethylene polymers and with ultramodern machineries which offer better products. Blowpack extinguishes itself from other competitors thanks to an integrated offer of jerrycans, flacons and canisters with different capacity: customers who use different types of plastic containers have the opportunity to choose between one of the widest catalogues and can interface with only one supplier, obtaining numerous advantages thanks to the trust relationship that is created through time. Our market offer is supplemented by a unique service of 360 degrees: very rapid delivery times, personalisations and customer support in the development of a new product.